Log1c-IT Company has been around for almost 7 Years.


We are active within the Information Technology field. We specialise in Ethical Hacking tasks as well as Open-Source Intelligence. Our tasks have included Financial open-source intelligence and Company Intelligence. One of the most important tasks is to make our client aware of the information that is available about them within the Open Sources realm on the Internet.


Our tasks included to target and infiltrate often closed groups on social media, with a focus on Facebook and Telegram. We infiltrated Jihadist groups but also Radical far Right groups as well as far Left groups.


We have co-operated with Dutch media like ‘Peter R de Vries – Internet Pesters aangepakt 2016’, De Telegraaf newspaper, Forst Media and Endemol Shine.

where we tracked and exposed online Stalkers and/or cyber-bullies.


Our experienced analyst at Log1c-IT has advised and helped against corporate invoice spoofing, on a multi-national level company, where hackers where observed hacking SMTP servers and tried to obtain client information as well as used invoices.


We also provided insights about client information presence on the Darkweb and I2P the invisible internet.


We stand for safety for all. 




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App Monitoring

By making an extensive analyse of in-app usage during active usage by a Target’s phone, ipad, tablet or laptop / desktop it is possible to gain more insights about the Target it self.  What are the interests of the target that specific moment, what does the target buy? This service provides more insights into intentions and capabilities of the target.


Cell phones, tablets, ipads, laptops, desktop PCs can be tracked in 'Near-Realtime'.

This makes it possible to track a device and therefore the person carrying it 24/7.

The tracking is done with an accuracy of up to 5 meters.

Humint Solutions

We have the ability to activate a field network of individuals on the ground in crisis areas, including Iraq and Syria, to gather unique information as requested by the client.