Our Services


- Historic Tracking:


By collecting data over a longer period of time, it is possible to build a historical collection that can provide insights about patterns of targeting. In this way, for example, it is possible to gain insight into travel movements to and from work, to and from the sports club and more. Deviations in the pattern can be seen so quickly, which could possibly indicate deviant behavior. This provides the opportunity to gain insight into unsolved cases and can historically place and put into perspective an anomalous pattern that may be criminal.

All of a target's activities can be made historically insightful in this way and traceable to Name, Address, Place of Residence (POR).

An example: In the United States, a group of researchers looked at vote fraud in certain cities. By teasing out historical data collections, they were able to identify individuals and pinpoint exactly where and when they committed fraud. They were also able to pinpoint where illegal votes were collected and placed in which ballot box.

If you want to know who and what your potential target was doing at a specific time in the past 2-3 years, it is possible. In exceptional cases, it is even possible to look far back.


- Near-Realtime Tracking:


Cell phones, tablets and also laptops / Desktop PCs can be tracked in 'near-real time'. This makes it possible to track a device and therefore also the person carrying it 24/7. The location can be determined with an accuracy of up to 5 meters. Together with a selection of other data available on social media and OSINT (Opensource Intelligence), it is thus possible to identify and de-anonymize these devices that are delivered anonymously due to the privacy data law in Europe.

With this information it is possible to follow someone from the last known locations. If someone is missing, the information provided by the device can be tracked from the missing person and potentially a breakthrough can be achieved and more information obtained, also by correlating the information with other (unknown) devices that are in the immediate vicinity of the target.

The information available makes it possible to identify other people the target comes into contact with. This could be on a terrace but also in an apartment, condominium or house. Even if a target is moving around in a car, it is even possible to determine through the movement how fast someone is driving, or precisely at what altitude the person is.


- E-Mail Tracking:


It is possible to identify an email given by a client and to get an overview of the activities of the target to which that email is linked. In this way it is possible to see locations, used devices, type of devices and IP-Addresses. It is even possible to determine the gender of the person using the device. Also the location of the person can be determined with an accuracy of about five meters.


- App Monitoring:


By making an in-depth analysis of in-app usage during active use by a target of her/his phone or tablet, it is possible to gain more knowledge about the target. What is the target interested in at the moment, what does the target buy etc. It gives insight into 'intentions & capability' of the target. Besides open and close times, updates, in-app searches, you can also see when someone installs or uninstalls an app. By combining this information it is possible to see if a target uses a 'secure app' like Signal.

If a target suddenly decides to install Signal after a long conversation on the phone or after meeting on a terrace, this is a good indication that such a thing is done on the advice of the person the target has been talking to.


- Internet behavior Monitoring:


The internet activities of a specific user can be tracked and monitored. The individual search terms and visited websites from desktop computers, laptops but also tablets and phones can be tracked and can provide insights about the interests of the target.  It is possible to differentiate what the target is doing on which device. This can be essential to understanding a target's activities. If a target develops activities on one device that are 180% opposite of its activities on another device, that is important to know. It is also important to know if a target is using different devices. It falls outside the norm picture if a target is always doing everything on Apple devices and starts using an Android device, an indication that something may be going on.


- Humint solutions:


We have the ability to activate a field network of individuals in crisis environments including Iraq and Syria to collect unique information entirely upon client request. Email or call for more information.


- PBC - Person Background Check:


an extensive search in many different online sources, obtain an overview of a person and his or her online activities. We also do a check in our extensive sources and information collections which are no longer available online.


- Conflict Area Monitoring:


an extensive search in many different online sources, obtain an overview of a person and his or her online activities. We also do a check in our extensive sources and information collections which are no longer available online.


- RFD - Request For Data:


We can obtain data from areas of interest with a focus on the middle east, including Syria, Iran, Iraq. Please inquire if your country of interest is not listed.


- SGI - SocialMedia Group Infiltration:


When we receive a request for SGI, we will use our proven capabilities to infiltrate various Extremist groups (often closed) on various Social Media platforms. this may include Telegram, Facebook, encrypted RocketChat, or other mediums used by Extremist groups. Targets of Log1c-IT in the past consisted of Jihadist groups, Far Right, and Far Left groups. 

- Banking & Creditcard Asset Tracing.


within the near-Future we will provide another unique service where we provide Bank Statements from around the globe, but also Creditcard account statements all Bank & creditcard Statements will be in original state, Accurate information gathering and tracing of your Financial Assets. due-to Europe Privacy Legislative GDPR we cannot deliver this at the moment, keep watching our website & facebook for more updates about this service and launch dates.